Our Citrus Heights plumbing contractors get a lot of questions over the course of the day. Even though many of them are job specific, there are some pretty common ones we get every week. So, here they are.

Why are my drains clogging?

Drains get clogged over time with a build-up of soap scum, human hair and food residue. These items congeal in the low spots on the interior of pipes or catch on the drain mechanisms. Placing hair catches over bathroom sink and shower drains can increase the time between clogs. Also, adding a water softener to your home will reduce the amount of soap scum produced by your soaps.

What makes my faucet drip?

When your faucet is dripping, it's because one of the internal components has worn out. Depending on the type of faucet you have, the problem could be a bad gasket, a torn washer, a bad filter cartridge or a failing ball joint. The worst thing you can do to stop a leak is to try to turn the faucet off harder. This puts extra strain on the failing part and can actually cause the leak to get worse. Turning off the faucet gently is the way to go. Then get it repaired.

Should I really care if my toilet is running?

Yes! A leaky toilet can cost you over $100 a month. You could buy an entirely new toilet and have it installed every 3 months for that price!

Will using my garbage disposal clog my drain line?

No. Using the garbage disposal correctly will not result in a clog. If, however, your start putting grease down the drain and expect the garbage disposal to somehow render it safe for your pipes, you're in for a bad time. The fat will congeal on the interior of the pipes and clog them like cholesterol in your arteries.

Why does water back up into my garbage disposal when the dishwasher runs?

The garbage disposal and dish washer use the same drain line. If the line is partially clogged with food debris, the drain will run too slow for the incoming water. It will back up into the sink and then slowly drain. If you aren't seeing any food particles in the water, you might need to clear the entire drain line to get it back draining quickly.


Tom was fast, friendly, and very easy to work with. Highly recommended.
Garret P.
I had to call up and reschedule less than an hour before an appointment and they were very reasonable about it. The plumber arrived precisely when he was scheduled to, and got the drain running again really quickly.
Wanda S.

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